A Court Of Wings And Ruin by Sarah J. Maas || THEORIES

There are only two days to go until we can finally find out what will happen with our pals Feyre and Rhysand. I honestly can’t wait and I’ve marked the date on my calendar. Granted, I won’t be receiving the book immediately, but I have preordered it on Amazon UK and hopefully it won’t be long before I get my hands on it, because the suspense is killing me. 

Seeing as we’ve had a fair amount of time to think about what might happen in the third installment of the Court Of Torns And Roses trilogy, I decided there is nothing wrong with a bit of speculation. For in depth reviews of A Court Of Thorns And Roses and A Court Of Mist and Fury, just check out my previous posts.  

The Feyre and Tamlin Thing  

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Now that Feyre is a spy in the Spring Court, I feel like she will pretend to be really shaken up by the “horrors” that she had to endure in The Night Court. She will push Tamlin away under the pretense  that she’s been through so much. And I honestly feel like Tamlin thinks she owns her, which will make him believe her. I think his twisted type of love makes him blind to the possibility of her actually loving Rhys. But I’m curious to read whether or not he smells the mating bond on her. I know it was “broken” for show, but we all know that is not the truth. I do know that Lucien will suspect something for sure, but perhaps his affection for Elaine will keep him from spilling the Rhys beans. 

Cassian’s Wings 

Will they heal? Okay…don’t hate me for this. I don’t think they’ll heal. I think he’ll lose the ability to fly. And we know how much Ilyrians love their flying. The idea is heartbreaking but we know that Maas doesn’t shy away from a bit of heartbreak. But I have read a little theory that maybe Nesta’s transition has made her into an Ilyrian who will have Wings of her own. Perhaps Cassian will lead her through it all and teach her the beauty of flying. 

The Rest of The Crew 

So, apparently everyone is convinced that Ianthe is pregnant with Tamlin’s baby from Calanmai (that raunch festival thing where he had to mate with someone). I think she wanted him from the beginning and also that she’s the one that convinced him that it was a good idea to join forces with the enemy. She’s quite the witch with a “b” if you ask me. Not a fan.

Nesta and Cassian will surely go through a romance as well. She’s fiery and he’s strong enough to handle her. He will probably be sad and lost if he loses his wings and she will feel the same way, having been made. Fingers crossed. 

Lucien and Elaine will also be an item at the end. I think they will be a great couple and hopefully a lasting one. I can see him adoring her and her appreciating it. 

Amren is going to wreak havoc at some point before the war is over and I read that some fans think she is a dragon. Now that would be absolutely bomb and I hope it’s true. We already know she is real scary and something literally out of this world. So we can only hope. 

Deaths in ACOWAR

So SJM is infamous for breaking hearts by killing off characters that people are fond of. And I really hope that’s not the case. If we lose Feyre or Rhys I don’t think anyone would be able to handle it. But there surely would be some loss. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not hoping for it or looking forward to it, but sadly I think it’s a possibility. I think it might actually be Tamlin who will bite the dust. But I feel like he will realize his mistake and make up for it in some way before he goes. Also the king of Hybern and the Mortal Quees. They gotta go. I hope the Mortal Queens die at the hands of Feyre for what they did to Rhysand’s beloved city after all of his sacrifices.  

These are some of the theories I have for the storyline of A Court Of Wings And Ruin. Obviously, I have many hopes and expectations for this book as I loved the previous two so much. I don’t think we’ll be disappointed and there is only a day to go. As soon as I read it and finish my notes, I will post an in depth discussion and review post. Come back and check to see if any of my theories panned out!


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