A Court of Mist And Fury” by Sarah J. Maas Discussion||SPOILERS

I am going to start off by saying that THERE WILL BE SPOILERS HERE, people. There are many reasons why I loved this book. As a matter of fact, I think it’s addictive. Once you pick it up and you start to read, you are unable to put it down until you have literally devoured it.


The sequel to ‘A Court of Thorns and Roses’ continues the story of Feyre after she completes the challenges Under the Mountain, dies and it resurrected with the magic of the Fae High Lords. What she went through in order to save the Fae Courts has left her dealing with a lot as she tries to convince herself that she belongs in the Spring Court. She is now herself High Fae and is set to marry Tamlin, but her heart remains human, and she struggles with the reality of what she’s done, as well as with Tamlin’s treatment of her. He is very protective and insists that she acts a certain way to keep his people calm for the sake of political stability. While Feyre is learning more about the courts and the political structure of the Fae world, Rhysand is still to collect on his deal with her.

On the day of her wedding, she is unsure if she wants to go through with it and silently prays that someone comes and saves her. Through their bond, Rhysand hears her plea and appears to take her away to the Night Court. There she sees that his portrayal of the Court is far from reality and his home is a beautiful castle on top of a mountain. There she learns that there is a new threat on the horizon and she might be the key to stopping it.  Rhysand teaches her to read and write, but more importantly, tells her that she probably inherited the magic of the High Lords and might be stronger than each of them.

Feyre starts to realize that Rhysand lied to protect his people from Amarantha’s wrath and played his part to ensure their survival. She pledges to help him and his inner circle to defeat the new threat and becomes their friend in the process.


I thought I liked ACOTAR. It was a good book. It really was. But this one…This one I FREAKING LOVED. Rhysand is now my favorite man, and I am beyond in love with his and Feyre’s love story.

The Things I Didn’t Like All That Much

Tamlin’s Demise 

Here we do have a little bit of a problem. I feel like Tamlin’s character was kinda cheated out of having a character in A Court of Mist And Fury. What I’m saying is that in the first book he’s attentive and protective, but I never thought that he was absolutely psychotic. Which is what he ends up being at the beginning of book 2. He attempts to hold his fiance hostage in order to protect her and keep up pretenses for his people to stay calm. No, Tamlin. NO! Yes, in ACOTAR he was also protective and slightly domineering, but in ACOMAF, he turns out to be just another abusive boyfriend who doesn’t know where to draw the line. I feel like it was an unnecessary character regression that pointed at a woman being unable to change her mind about a man unless he’s a complete psycho. I  think that Rhys is fantastic and I’d pick him 100000 times over. But I don’t believe it was necessary to make Tamlin such an antagonist to do so. I mean, betraying them like that because he can’t fathom that Feyre picked Rhys???? COME ON, TAMLIN!! He is made to appear so weak and domineering that it’s almost caricature-like. Unnecessary roughness there, SJM.


Okay, I realize that it’s normal that an author’s main characters might share some traits. Authors can’t help it sometimes, it happens. But it was very noticeable in the first part of this book. Feyre’s self-loathing and the general portrayal of PTSD instantly brought back flashes of Celaena in my head, kinda mixing the two protagonists together. The idea of self-hate is visible in both of them and mostly similar circumstances. Even though one is a trained assassin and the other is relatively more innocent, the profound impact murder has had on the self-worth of both young women is visible. The issue is that at the beginning of this book, the sole focus was on that internal struggle that Feyre is having and it’s identical to many of the internal monologs that Celaena had. It shrinked the distance between the two characters for me, which I am sure wasn’t the intention. While the portrayal of PTSD was fascinating to see in the beginning, it also significantly slowed down the book and made the first part of it seem harder to get through than it should have been.

“…purred Rhysand.”

Okay, I understand that there is an animalistic side to most of these characters, but there was way too much purring in this book. Also a lot of mountain-trembling.

The Things I Loved About ACOMAF

Less Attention To Love Interests. More Attention to Character Development.

I loved how we slightly moved away from love interests and sex for the major part of this book. Yes, we do get to see Feyre and Rhys together, in love, doing the dirty and so on. But in the beginning, we are solely focusing on Feyre making a choice, evolving as a person and also building satisfying relationships with a ton of cool characters. Which brings me to my second point.

A Lot Of New Characters

I loooooved how many new characters we got to meet in the second book. I love all of Rhys’s court. They are fun, they have their backstory, and they bring so much more depth to the story. They give us a better insight into Rhys as a character as well, which is why he becomes so beloved by the fandom. We get to see his interactions with the people closest to him, and we see that he’s just an all-around awesome dude.

A Bigger And Better World

We get to see so much more of the world that SJM has created with nothing but the power of her imagination (mindblowing). And we get to explore different courts, where the author creates powerful imagery, which makes it easy to imagine what the court looks like. I almost felt like I was there and I ended up missing The Night Court after the book was over.

The Ending 

That’s got to be the best part, right? For a moment there I was like “NOOOOOOO, Feyre, what are you doing?>?” I knew she was trying to save them and all, but severing that bond literally broke my heart for a moment. BUT only for a moment. How good of an actor is Rhys?  How awesome is it that he made Feyre his equal, his High Lady? I was just so content upon reading the end of the book that I went on Amazon and pre-ordered the next book. I need to know what happens!



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