A Court Of Thorns and Roses” by Sarah J. Maas

I should probably start by saying that I looooooved both ACOTAR and ACOMAF and I cannot tell you how excited I am for the third installment to come out. These books gave me such a massive hangover that I went and bought all “A Throne of Glass” as soon as I hit the last page of ACOMAF. Both of these got the 5 stars on GoodReads, and I must say it was well- deserved. I had been seeing people raving about the trilogy on BookTube for so long, that I decided to give them a try and I was certainly not disappointed.

“A Court Of Thorns and Roses” is a loose retelling of Beauty and the Beast. It was actually so loose that I didn’t even notice the similarities between the plot of the book and the fairy tale. This is the story of 19-year old Feyre. She hunts to keep her two sisters and father alive after the loss of their fortune. One winter day she goes deeper into the forest and kills a huge wolf to make money on the market. As she sits with her family, a similar beast breaks down their door to seek revenge for the kill,  only he is no ordinary animal but instead, a High Fae Lord who now tells her that to repay her debt she has to go live with him in his Court. While Feyre slowly starts realizing that all the things she thought she knew about the Fae world might not be true, she also feels guilt for leaving her family. She falls in love with the beautiful and dangerous world just as much as she falls in love with Tamlin- the High Lord of the Spring Court. But she will need to find a way to free him and his people from their curse first.


ACOTAR is a great book, even if I don’t think it’s exactly YA. There are some quite explicit sexy times that I think might make it more suitable for the New Adult genre. While the beginning was kind of slow, I believe it was necessary to get that information. I have to admit that I just couldn’t understand Feyre’s family. Her father appeared to be completely uninterested in his family’s future, and Nesta and Elain seemed selfish and unappreciative.

As soon as we get Tamlin in the picture and Feyre goes across the wall into the Spring Court, things start to pick up, and it gets addictive. We meet a bunch of character, who are all masked. We don’t get the reason for it, only that it is part of some curse on their court. But I really enjoyed seeing the relationship develop between Feyre and Tamlin. It wasn’t necessarily the typical, fast, YA instant-love. Instead, it developed at a seemingly logical pace. I also quite enjoyed seeing such a role-reversal, with her ending up being the protector and savior. We also get a little sneak-peak of Rhysand, who plays a MUCH bigger part in the second book.

The world was skillfully created, and the writing was also excellent. The story was action-packed and moved quite fast, making it impossible to put the book down (I read it in a day). The book leaves you wanting more and the second installment is by no means disappointing.




























































































































































































































































































sted in the wellbeing of his family, while Nesta and Elain were just selfish and unappreciative.



















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